About Us

“Ain’t no business like show business,” or so we’ve heard. But we wouldn’t know because all our time is dedicated to the Park City Transportation Services business. And for us, there ain’t no business like Grab a Cab in the Park City area.

Our number one goal is customer satisfaction. We eat, drink, and breathe taxi services. Park City to Salt Lake Airport? We eat it up. Salt Lake Airport to Park City? We drink it down like a cold glass of refreshing water. Need a lift around the Park City area or to any ski resort? mmmmm… can you smell the fresh air we’re breathing?

Grab a Cab was started by President Paul Morrison, a young, local entrepreneur that recognized a great opportunity in the Park City taxi service industry. Everywhere he turned it felt like there was high rates and sub-par service. He took it upon himself to rectify this problem by starting Grab a Cab. With great passion and enthusiasm, Paul pushes the company forward by stressing that every person deserves a high-class ride at a fair price.

Paul’s greatest pleasure is to hear from his customers, whether they had a good experience or bad one. If you’d love to give compliments, concerns or complaints, he’ll take them all and strive to make Grab a Cab a better company. Just fill in the Contact Us form, he’d love to hear from you.